Kartlegging av barns språk: Godt for hvem – godt for hva?

  • Liv Gjems


Title: Screening of children’s language: Who is it good for? What is it good for?
Abstract: In this article I discuss the importance of teacher’s knowledge regarding children’s language learning as a qualification for screening of language in preschools. Teachers have to be able to use the screening results in ways that support children’s further language learning and development. Screening, whether standardized or not, will not give teachers any information about how they can assist the children who are struggling with language learning. Tests and screening may reveal when and at which age a child masters something or not. They do not display how a child learns language and can be assisted in her or his learning process. A study of 46 early childhood teacherstudents in language interactions with children showed that many of them offered children little language support. They rarely invited children to talk and their vocabulary did not contatin many known or unknown words. Screening of children’s language skills gives little effect if the teachers lack knowledge of the importance of a rich language environment and how to support children’s language learning.


Hvordan referere
Gjems, L. (2010). Kartlegging av barns språk: Godt for hvem – godt for hva?. Nordisk barnehageforskning, 3(3). https://doi.org/10.7577/nbf.286