Verdibasert formål eller vilkårlige detaljmål?

  • Solveig Østrem


Title: Value based objectives, or random, specific goals?
Abstract: The national objectives of Norwegian kindergartens are based on fundamental ethical values. The kindergarten is expected to take care of the children’s need for care and play and also to support their learning, their “Bildung” and their general development. This article discusses whether this main objective may be forgotten, while activities in kindergartens are designed according to other, more or less randomly chosen, specific goals. The article focuses on the increasing use of tests in kindergarten and looks in particular at concrete materials for language testing and the goals that this material defines, explicitly and implicitly. Furthermore, the article discusses the theories and perspectives on learning and knowledge that the tests are based on. Finally, the use of tests in kindergarten is discussed with reference to the tendency in different fields of the welfare state to give credit and attention to so-called evidence based knowledge.


Hvordan referere
Østrem, S. (2010). Verdibasert formål eller vilkårlige detaljmål?. Nordisk barnehageforskning, 3(3).