Tokens, peer context and mobility in preschool children's positioning work

  • Lovisa Skånfors


This article is about the positioning work of preschool children. Ethnographic observations were made of interactions among 2–5-year-olds in their preschool setting. In the analysis, Corsaro’s theoretical framework of children’s peer cultures and positioning theory as described by Harré & Langenhove were used. Results show that children share knowledge concerning their social positions in the peer group as built up, negotiable and possible to move between in relation to various ‘tokens’, namely established relationship, proper age and specific competence, all of which change in relevance depending on the actual peer context and activity.


Hvordan referere
Skånfors, L. (2010). Tokens, peer context and mobility in preschool children’s positioning work. Nordisk barnehageforskning, 3(2).