Barnefellesskap som demokratisk danningsarena

  • Liv Torunn Grindheim


Title: The community of peers as an arena for democratic education: What possibilities for participation can be found in play, among peers, in the kindergarten?
Children’s formal right to participate in the formation of their everyday life in Norwegian kindergartens, has led to several discussions of democracy connected to young children in kindergartens. This article represents an element in these discussions, based on experiences from fieldwork in a Norwegian Kindergarten. The main focus is the playful community of peers and what negotiation of participation is related to, in this community. Four observations of children’s negotiation of participation provide the content and the structure of the article. The aim is to reveal the problematic and various ways children are constructers and also being constructed as citizens in their community of peers.


Hvordan referere
Grindheim, L. T. (2011). Barnefellesskap som demokratisk danningsarena. Nordisk barnehageforskning, 4(2), 91–102.