Spor etter kjønnsdiskurser i barnehagepersonalets praksisfortellinger

  • Randi Moe
  • Grete Nordvik


Abstract: Gender discourses provide conditions for children's constructing of gender. The empirical basis of this article is stories from practice written by staff in two kindergartens in Norway. Our purpose is to trace how gender discourses manifests in the stories. In the analysis of the texts we have been inspired by Foucault's theory of discourse, power and control. The main findings of the analysis show that we can trace discourses that emphasize gender as a difference, and gender as complex. We discuss how various gender discourses work together with educational discourses and provide different opportunities for children's constructing of gender


Hvordan referere
Moe, R., & Nordvik, G. (2012). Spor etter kjønnsdiskurser i barnehagepersonalets praksisfortellinger. Nordisk barnehageforskning, 5. https://doi.org/10.7577/nbf.314