Små barns livsverdener: Klassespesifikke erfaringsrom?

  • Kari Stefansen Norwegian Social Research (NOVA)


Title: Young children’s life worlds: Class specific spaces of experience
Abstract: The significance of class for children’s everyday life has received limited attention in Norway. In recent years a number of studies from the UK and the US have explored this topic. This paper presents analysis from a research project inspired by this growing body of research. It explores classed patterns in parents’ interactions with the institution of formal day-care. The paper also discusses how parenting practices of different sorts contribute to the reproduction of classed ways of being in the world. Special attention is given to the life worlds of middle-class and working-class children, and what is perceived as parallels between these life worlds and parents' class experiences. 


Hvordan referere
Stefansen, K. (2012). Små barns livsverdener: Klassespesifikke erfaringsrom?. Nordisk barnehageforskning, 5.