Till ”vildingarnas” land: Barnboksförfattaren besöker förorten

  • Maj Asplund Carlsson
  • Johannes Lunneblad Department of Education, Communication and Learning Gothenburg University


Title: Where “the wild things” are: An author of children’s books on a visit to the suburbs
Abstract:Few studies have been carried out on children’s literature from a post-colonial perspective. In this article, we look closer at four picture books recently published in Sweden with the purpose of giving children from urban areas patterns of identification. The aim of our study is to see how the ‘suburb’ is articulated as a multi-accented sign. Three themes are elaborated in our analysis, i.e. loneliness and alienation, drug abuse and misery as well as small business occurrence. We also discuss the consequences for children in early years of an encounter with a distorted or alienated view of suburban culture.


Maj Asplund Carlsson

Professor of Education

Department of Education and Language


Hvordan referere
Carlsson, M. A., & Lunneblad, J. (2013). Till ”vildingarnas” land: Barnboksförfattaren besöker förorten. Nordisk Barnehageforskning, 6. https://doi.org/10.7577/nbf.406